Tramenco is the best professionals building the best products and services and selling them for the best price. We are a company of technical, education, training and design professionals working together to create the highest quality training and education.

What makes us the Best?

“This course immediately puts into practice the "tools" to make us a more effective part of our company. We have a guideline for implementation and great follow-up at no extra cost. We’re meeting our deadlines with better quality and less stress. It's a couple of days investment for a lifetime of return.” Robert J. Clizbe - Keystone

Computer and Web based courses.
Active Server Pages (ASP), ADO, AIX, API’s, Application Design, Application Development RPG III-IV-ILE, SQL, OS400, Java, XML, Security, Legacy, MS Integration, Crystal Reports, SQL, Sybase, Tape Library Systems, TCP/IP, Tomcat, Visual Basic, Web Serving, WebSphere, Windows, VB Script, RPG II, RPG III, RPG IV, RPG-ILE, Unix...
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